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Batik Pineapplelicious

RM42.00 RM120.00
Ini bukanlah sekadar Tart Nanas yang biasa. Tart tradisional ini adalah ilham Puan Swee Bee – ibunda Baker Dave yang menggunakan pastri mentega serta buah…

Chocolate Chips Butter Cookies (200g)

An all-time favourite for the young and wise. We all love chocolate as they always create happiness. A taste of chocolate is a taste of…

Cornflakes Chocolate Chips Butter Cookies (150g)

Childhood memories of Raya celebration, cookies with cornflakes and chocolate will never go wrong. -No artificial colouring -No artificial flavouring -No preservatives -No soy -No…

Espresso Almond Cookies (200g)

Today’s Good Mood is in a piece of coffee We like you to enjoy this cookie, like how we enjoyed it ourselves. Taste the burst…

Pandan Pineapple Tarts

RM42.00 RM120.00
These are not just any pineapple tarts. These traditional tarts are inspired by Swee Bee’s (Baker Dave’s Mum) original recipe of buttery pastry and pineapple…

Riang Ria Raya Hamper (Set B)

《 Riang Ria Raya Hamper Set B 》 Tart Nanas Swee Bee x 3 keping (Pek Individu) (HALAL) Kranberi Tart Nanas Swee Bee x 3 keping…

Riang Ria Raya Hamper Set A

《 Riang Ria Raya Hamper 》 Tart Nanas Swee Bee x 3 keping (Pek Individu) (HALAL) Kranberi Tart Nanas Swee Bee x 3 keping (Pek…

Tart Nanas Keju (HALAL) pek individu

《Tart Nenas Keju Swee Bee》(Pek Individu) Resipi Ibunda Yang Mencairkan Hatimu Tart Nenas Keju Swee Bee 8 kepingan Berat Bersih:360g Size – 32cm(L) x 15.5cm(W) x 5cm(H) Buatan Tangan DISAHKAN HALAL Sesuai sebagai Buah Tangan Resipi Ibunda Rasa Nostalgia…

Tart Nanas Kranberi (Pek individu)

Cranberry pineapple tarts skillfully present a captivating fish shape, as if swimming gracefully in the plate. This delicious treat not only tantalizes the taste buds…


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