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These are not just any pineapple tarts. These traditional tarts are inspired by Swee Bee’s (Baker Dave’s Mum) original recipe of buttery pastry and pineapple fruits to create nostalgic and delicious pineapple tarts, evoking happy childhood memories of mum’s favourite treats.

All good things should be shared. Baker Dave is now able to share these fine pineapple tarts, which is Malaysia’s gift to the world with colourful pineapple package design representing more than 12 species of pineapples grown in Malaysia. Unbox and find yourself daily positive quotes that spread love and all the positive vibes around. A gift of love available all year round, appropriate for any Malaysian festive occasions and celebrations to be shared with your family and friends anytime anywhere.

Pineapple Tarts – 8 pcs x 3 boxes
Net.Wt./ Berat Bersih/净含量:360g / box
Box Size – 32cm(L) x 15.5cm(W) x 5cm(H)
Handmade 全手工制作
Disahkan Halal
Souvenir / Gift 优质伴手礼
Mom’s Recipe 妈妈的秘方
Nostalgic Taste 传统的味道



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